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:::REVIEW::: First Impressions: Cirrus Cycles BodyFloat Seatpost

:::REVIEW:::  First Impressions: Cirrus Cycles BodyFloat Seatpost

While most recreational cyclists will never compete, racing drives a significant percentage of the bicycle industry’s product development and marketing. Terms like lighter, stiffer, andfaster are all used to describe the latest and greatest products. But what about comfort? Are comfort and performance mutually exclusive? Not according to Cirrus Cycles. The company’s BodyFloat™ seatpost is designed to improve comfort and performance by isolating the rider from high-frequency vibrations. A late-afternoon test ride on Cirrus Cycles’ BodyFloat seatpost. Unlike telescoping suspension seatposts, the BodyFloat post uses a linkage system that produces a vertical motion–which, according to the company–does a better job of isolating the rider (aka, the...

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Road Bike Review BodyFloat Introduction

Road Bike Review: (

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BodyFloat is a virtual "Motor-Mount"

BodyFloat is the bike industry's first and only true 'Motor-Mount'.   BodyFloat attaches a variable motor (the body) and attaches it to a variable chassis (the bike), then allows for infinite customization to create the ideal marriage of comfort and performance.  Why does it work?  A controllable, minimal and correct vertical travel path on a non-damped, friction-free mechanism with infinite tuning.  Simple physics proves the theory...and complex engineering proves the reality.   By simply modifying both spring rate and spring tension, the rider can finitely control both their body's and their bike's inertia.  That means NO BOUNCE or WASTE!  Svelte Road bikes, heavy...

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Review Rodriguez Bike

Rodriguez Bike Review 2/11/15

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Review Derek Rowe

Derek Rowe 3/6/2015

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