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Bodyfloat Seatpost

The Kinekt Bodyfloat seatpost improves your comfort, safety, and overall performance of your bike ride. The suspension seat post was made for every type of rider - from everyday commuters to professional bike riders, and for every type of bike, from road to electric. It’s truly one of the best bike accessories to have.

Buy now in aluminum or carbon fiber:

Stay seated and ride through nearly everything -
Travel range is as friction-free as possible

Bodyfloat Seatpost

Fastest female cyclist Denise Mueller uses a BodyFloat [Kinekt Post] isolation seat post that also helps dampen the harmonics and vibrations from the ground so she can pedal a smooth cadence and maintain optimal traction at speed.

  1. Infinite Tunability:
    Easily achieve any feel desired with adjustable springs
  2. Vertical Travel:
    Minimal travel of the bike, NOT the body
  3. Non-Damped:
    A friction-free mechanism - save energy & increase performance

Two Suspension Posts to Choose From

Both Kinekt suspension posts improve bike performance by providing a better connection to your bike while reducing pain & fatigue. Characteristics of all bodyfloat seatposts:

  • Interchangeable springs
  • Adjustable pre-load
  • CNC machined from high strength aluminum alloys 
  • Lightweight
  • For people up to 260 pounds

Choose aluminum or carbon:

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