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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to BodyFloat™'s unique and revolutionary design there are lots of questions...and here are lots of answers to help you understand why BodyFloat™ is so functional, efficient, effective...and why it simply works better than anything out there!

  • How does BodyFloat™ work?
  • Why no damping?
  • How much travel does it have?
  • What is the "Sweet Spot"?
  • What is "pre-load"?
  • Can I adjust the springs?
  • How and why to get additional springs?
  • What is its size?
  • How much does it weigh?
  • What is the difference between the 2.0 and 3.0 models?
  • What is the rider weight range?
  • Will BodyFloat™ fit my bike?
  • How much clearance is needed between my bike frame and the saddle?
  • Where is it made?
  • When will my BodyFloat™ be available?

    How Does BodyFloat™ work?

    Choose Comfort?  BodyFloat simply levitates you over your bike, with minimal tuning, allowing you to both connect, control and enjoy every ride. 

    Choose Performance? BodyFloat can be tuned to the most exacting metrics and desires by adjusting spring rate and spring tension to match whatever outcome you prefer.  

    In essence, BodyFloat is the bike industries first true 'Motor-mount'.  BodyFloat attaches a variable output motor, YOU, to a variable chassis, YOUR BIKE, then lets you achieve any feel you desire, thus improving every comfort and performance metric of both bike and body...all without changing bike or body fit geometry.  BodyFloat enhances whatever technology it resides upon as well as any motor it resides under, with no waste or energy loss. 

    BodyFloat connects the rider to the bike in a way no other post, or frame design, can do. BodyFloat does not care what bike you are on...or what rider you are...we connect the two of you in the most effective, efficient way and then allow you to control how you want, or need, your bike and body to feel and perform. The patent awarded to BodyFloat is due to three main features that allow for it's vast performance and comfort improvements.  

    Vertical Travel - All other post systems move the rider back, then down and allow travel where it shouldn't necessarily be.  Rearward travel is fine for high impact hits but does not make physics sense for high frequency noise from both terrain and body that overwhelmingly dominate a regular bike ride for most people.  BodyFloat allows the bike (and the body to some extent, if desired) to move minimally and vertically under the stable rider, maintaining a much more consistent and controllable connection with both the bike and terrain.  

    Non-Damped - BodyFloat is an undamped mechanism and is why we are a Isolation Seatpost...NOT a suspension seatpost. There is a difference.  BodyFloat removes all the friction possible because damping and friction equals energy loss. That said, when the mass of the rider is effectively connected to the bike, as with your hands and feet, all comfort AND performance metrics improve. When you are sitting on a BodyFloat, you become the damping agent. The human body is an amazing, controllable and effective damped machine and BodyFloat truly allows this to happen, for the first time, on any bike.   

    Infinitely Tunable -  
    BodyFloat internally utilizes two factors to achieve any feel the rider desires: Spring Rate and Spring Force. Spring Rate comes from combining our selection of different spring strengths and length from the SPRING CHART.  Once your desired springs are installed, simply increase Spring Tension to create a stable and firm foundation under the rider, thus eliminating any bounce and movement under regular pedaling output.  

    Why no damping?

    Good question...and this is the genius of BodyFloat™. Damping slows frequency response by definition. No damping allows for the best possible isolation of the power plant (ie: you...the motor) and allows for the best transmission of energy into forward motion. So you can be more comfortable, conserve more energy and put that energy into getting you from A to B quicker and more comfortably.

    There are two small end-range dampers in the BodyFloat™. A small top-out elastomer and a progressive bottom-out elastomer. These two small elastomers work to soften the endpoints of your specific travel range.  Many riders prefer to remove the bottom out elastomers to increase travel range. 

    How much travel does it have?

    BodyFloat is designed to isolate from high frequency energy so the less travel the better given your riding style and terrain.  BodyFloat has up to 1.5" (38mm) of vertical travel, and can be pre-loadable down to 0. Somewhere in the middle is your ideal 'sweet spot' that works best for you and your needs. Just like fine tuning a car or motorbike suspension; performance and comfort can only be maximized once the suspension is tuned for all the variables.

    What is the "Sweet Spot"?

    This is however YOU want the BodyFloat to feel.  Your 'sweet spot' is the ideal combination of spring rate and pre-load that allows the rider to be most effectively isolated from the terrain below without negative movement or action. Your 'sweet spot' is easy to find and easy to change based on your weight, riding style, bike and selected terrain.

    What is "pre-load"?

    The first thing you build when you build a house is the foundation and the same applies here. You sit on the saddle and the system will compress, you tighten the pre-load bolt until, under your normal output and pedaling, you remove all sag and there is no movement of the system.  Once your foundation is set, this is where you do all your fit metrics. Pre-load refers to the force applied to spring component before external loads, such as rider weight, are applied. For instance: on a comfort based bike you may want less pre-load offering a more plush feel. For performance, add some pre-load to maximize efficiency and minimize travel. Adjusting pre-load can be done on the fly with the simple turn of the pre-load hex bolt located on the rear of the unit. Righty Tighty...Lefty Loosey. 

    Can I adjust the springs?

    Yes! Adjustment of the spring is easy. BodyFloat™ comes pre-configured based on your weight and riding characteristics. As mentioned above, you adjust the spring with the simple pre-load screw. This eliminates sag by reducing the effective travel of the unit by increasing spring tension.  If you find that you often bottom-out or it's too stiff, you can change the spring out with a spring of a higher or lower spring rate. This is done by removing the lower spring/spring guide and replacing the spring with one that better suits you.

    How and why to get additional springs?

    Swapping different springs is EASY!!! Swapping springs allows you to customize your BodyFloat™ to your needs. You may prefer stiffer springs for a more upright position or if you often carry a messenger bag or pack. Use a lighter spring for more plushness and/or with more pre-load, for high performance applications like racing or stationary bikes. Springs are available for sale directly through our website and at retailers.

    What is its size ?

    The Aluminum model 2.0 comes in a 27.2 x 350mm length or a 31.6 x 420mm length.  The Carbon model 3.0 is available in 330mm and 380mm lengths. The Titanium model 3.0 is available in a 420mm length.

    All models have a post diameter of 27.2mm.

    How much does it weigh?

    The weights are as follows:

    • Model 2.0 - 27.2mm -350mm Aluminum = 515g
    • Model 2.0 - 31.6mm - 350mm Aluminum = 518g
    • Model 2.0 - 31.6mm - 420mm Aluminum = 555g
    • Model 3.0 - 27.2mm - 330mm Carbon = 453g
    • Model 3.0 - 27.2mm - 380mm Carbon = 468g
    • Model 3.0 - 27.2mm - 420mm Titanium = 529g

    What is the difference between the 2.0 and 3.0 models?

    The difference is in the post material and some tuning markings.  The 2.0 comes in Aluminum with basic graphics and the 3.0 comes in either Carbon or Titanium with enhanced tuning markings. 

    Will BodyFloat™ fit my bike?

    BodyFloat™ is designed to work on just about any bike with a round seatpost of at least a 27.2mm diameter. BodyFloat™ also works with any standard twin rail bike saddle. It is currently offered in 27.2mm and 31.6 seat post diameter, with shims available for other sizes. 

    What is the rider weight range?

    BodyFloat™ is designed to work with riders from 50 to 260 lbs. (22 to 118 kg.) We have had numerous heavier riders on BodyFloats...though we cannot honor the warranty past 260lbs. 

    How much clearance is needed between my bike frame and the saddle?

    The BodyFloat™ is ideal with a minimum of 100mm stack height, 120mm is preferred.  You can get down to 80-85mm with some trickery and a lighter rider. Stack height is measured from the saddle rails to the top of the seat tube binder.

    Where is it made?

    We have global sourcing and are building, producing, and fulfilling them in our Bellingham, WA facility.

    Where is BodyFloat™  available?

    Check out our Dealer Page or you can order directly.