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"I Choose BodyFloat"

I Choose BodyFloat

"The Cirrus body float post just might be the answer to a lot of peoples problems. Cyclocross is tough on your body and my back loves this post. It has changed the way I ride and race cyclocross. After tuning the body float post to my weight and riding style I am now a fan and I will no doubt use it in other applications like road racing. I used it on my road bike and I noticed that my back was not stiff and sore after a long ride. I put the regular post back on and sure enough my back was tight and stiff after a long ride. Getting old sucks let me tell you. Smoother is faster and I am faster with the body float post. it wold not surprise me to see this post at Paris Roubaix. people will complain about the weight but i guess you need to choose to be either a weight weenie or a power weenie. I choose power. I choose the body float."

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