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Why BodyFloat?

Choosing your BodyFloat

Choosing the right BodyFloat model is easy.  Simply choose the spring rate that matches rider weight and the post material you prefer.  Can't get much simpler than that, right?  

Quick "Comfort" Set-Up

Enjoy from the top...down.

INSTALL BodyFloat with recommended springs based on your weight. 
SET saddle 1-3 cm higher than current setting, tension at '0'; then test ride. 
TIGHTEN tension bolt clockwise until desired feel achieved.
ADJUST post to proper saddle height and saddle position.

Spring Replacement

Just the facts:

    • Rider weight range: 50 to 260+ lbs. (20 - 118+ kg)
    • Travel: adjustable from 1-1/4" down to 1/4"
    • Materials: CNC machined from high strength aluminum alloys, with either aluminum, carbon fiber or Titanium post options
    • Interchangeable springs for Spring Rate selection
    • Adjustable pre-load for Spring Tension 
    • Post size:
      27.2 and 31.6 diameter in Aluminum 350mm/420mm 
      27. 2 in Titanium 420mm or 
      Carbon Fiber 330mm/380mm
    • Colors: Black