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I’ve been riding my Body Float for almost 6 months on rough gravel roads on a rigid gravel bike. The isolation from the bumps and washboards allows me to pedal much smoother and spend much less time lifting off the seat. I also feel much less beat up at the end of long rides. I also recently started riding it on the road and am amazed at how much it helps descending speed and confidence on the pavement. 

- Tim 


I am passionate about your product as it’s been an amazing experience and often inspires me to experiment with my CycloCross Bike in areas I would never have sought to see how the post works. It’s worth every cent and more. For my weight and level of condition (drastically improved since August 2014) I’m comfortably doing 100km plus rides with energy to burn. 

- Quentin 


" I have been riding my BODYFLOAT for one year now and will never ride a road or gravel bike again without one. The product connects me to the road in a manner that increases my confidence, especially on descents. Rather (than) bouncing at speed over bumps and divots, the BODYFLOAT keeps my rear wheel glued to the ground.

In group rides, I used to finish last on the descents. Now I finish first or second – and without fear. The BODYFLOAT also gives me an endurance edge on long distance training rides and races. Less of my energy is used lifting my body off the saddle (for rail crossing tracks and small holes) and more of my energy is transferred through the crank to the wheels and into the ground.

I love your product! Thank you for bringing it to the marketplace. "

-Mark R.


"One word: WOW! a short ride today with the Bodyfloat, not fully dialed in, and all I can say is it was worth the wait. … I have had great help from the guys at cirrus, and they delivered a great product."

-Mitch C.


"I've had the opportunity to put over 150 miles (and some trainer miles) on the BodyFloat over the last couple of weeks and immediately felt the difference in the smoothness of the ride and as a result have less fatigue after riding. Many thanks to Charlie for getting me dialed in and I look forward to "floating" the 6 day Oregon Bike Ride in August!"

-Marnie C.


"I am really impressed with the weight of the seatpost, the workmanship quality and the way it works."  

-Gerry U.


"Unbelievable   - I have not really cycled properly for 6 months due to displaced disc in the lower back. I went for a ride with the body float fitted - I cycled for an hour no pain just a smile on my face. I was riding on a chip-seal road surface on carbon frame Felt bike- instead of my cadence being interrupted by vibrations or looking to miss road imperfections I just rode - time was quicker. As I say, unbelievable"

-Phillip S., UK


“Now the excitement of a new toy has subsided I can give you a more critical and objective feedback. I have used the Bodyfloat for 3 weeks. - perhaps best thing to say is that now I am not even aware it is there in terms of affecting my cycling, I have improved my timing on a regular route significantly and my endurance has improved. -and ..... virtually painless cycling. What a fantastic and beautifully designed bit of kit. I would not cycle again without one.”

-Phillip S., UK


"I LOVE my body float unit that I received as a gift. I brag about it to everyone and rave about it to everyone online."

-Richard A.


“I just came in from a long ride and have nothing but good things to report.  I was really delighted at the ride the BodyFloat gave.  While I am usually pretty tenuous at the end of my long rides as I hit the bumps of the city streets (LA’s streets are in notoriously bad condition), today I was able to take them without worry. “ 

-Tanis S.

“I've had time now to give the BodyFloat a good test and I have to say I think it's terrific! I had been using a Thudbuster on my older hard tail and it was pretty good but the BodyFloat is a much better design and of course lighter weight. I'm using it on my new Trek Superfly Elite 29r hard tail and it really makes a huge difference in comfort and handling. Keeps the rear wheel on the trail and prevents me from having a sore butt! I had no problem with the install, the instructions were very clear and I was able to adjust it quickly.”

-Gary N.


"As an elite road and track racer, a recent back surgery patient, and a high mileage rider, BodyFloat has created a level of efficiency, power and comfort that I've never achieved on a bike before. It does what they say it does... pretty amazing."

-Kenny Williams


"As a product reviewer and rider I've tried every post on the market to solve 'cross-back'.   BodyFloat performed impressively where others have simply missed the mark. Tunable, functional, effective and delivers a great ride."

-Kenton Berg, former writer and reviewer for CX Magazine


"I am in my 50th year, ride 100 to 150 miles a week, and have Spinal issues in my back and neck. The Bodyfloat minimizes impact through the seat post while allowing me to maintain more powerful and efficient positioning on the bike. I Use less energy because I do not have to stand through washboards, potholes or uneven terrain. I have the option of staying in the saddle while climbing. Cadence is faster, no bouncing in the saddle.

In a nutshell, with the Bodyfloat seatpost I am more relaxed, so I can ride further, faster and longer, with more power.”

-Scott Cary - Element Cycles - Sales Manager


"It seems to work great, I'm real happy with it."

-Jim S.


"We have ridden on every kind of terrain imaginable including months of cobblestone, rutted out, washed out, washboard country mountain dirt roads for hours at a time. The Body Float has been a game changer for me. My bike and gear gets rattled and shaken so much but I really don't feel a thing."

-Jen B.  


"And as we settled into it we started realizing how big a difference the Bodyfloats make. The biggest difference at first was while doing moderate uphill – as you hit smaller rock and bumps on the track, your pedal rate/bike momentum stays continuous – before it felt like the momentum stalled a bit. And then not to even mention the down-hills/fast descents on gravel roads – absolutely brilliant. Before we had to un-load the seat due to the bumpiness – now you just get off the seat as you get to a tricky section and for the rest you remain seated.

We could also feel the difference in how much less tired our bodies were at the end of the cycle – we were tired, but not beat up. And this will make the world of difference to the stage racing we will be doing in May.

In summary it seems to be a brilliant product that does exactly what I want it to do!”

-Gert M. -   South Africa

"Dale and I led a ride on our tandem around Anderson Island for about 80 people last Saturday.  I had NO saddle discomfort. In the past I always had saddle discomfort on the tandem, even on short rides. Dale hit quite a few bumps and they did not faze me.  He also said he is experiencing a smoother ride because I am not bouncing around.  I love the Body Float and I would not have believed it if I had not experienced it first-hand. It makes a huge difference."
-  Ann M.

   Erik DeRoche MS, DC, CSCS

 After riding the Body Float, it is my opinion, that it MAY just be that one thing many cyclists are looking for to assist their lower backs,  reduce fatigue and improve performance TODAY and in the long term. 

1) An apparent reduction of vertical compression forces which decrease force through lower back... anyone riding a cyclo-cross bike, HT mtn bike or road bike on a rough surface can related to LBP when riding these surfaces! The Body Float helps reduce the soreness/stiffness.
2) With a seemingly decreased lower back trauma/stress the muscles of the lumbar spine are not fatigued as quickly allowing for better and prolonged stabilization of the lumbar spine and of the pelvis.
3) Compressive forces d/t intraabdominal pressure increases in conjunction with spinal flexion (being bent over when cycling) are significant factors in the development of lumbar disc delamination (the discs are damaged  and are weakened in other words) and become not only pain generators but also can lead to worse conditions... if we repeatedly cause stress/trauma to our lumbar discs in particular degeneration and potentially herniations can occur causing you decreased time on the bike, significant injury and potentially decreasing your athletic career. 
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