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Tandem riding is great fun (unless you and your partner aren't in sync and then it is pretty much hell) but it
can be a rough ride especially for the stoker. BodyFloat smoothes out the ride and virtually eliminates the
problem of surprise bumps for the stoker. Rider longer and more comfortably with BodyFloat (maybe even
turn that hell ride to a purgatory ride or maybe even a limbo ride)!


Want more comfort, less fatigue and increased efficiency? You guessed it! Get all three with the BodyFloat.
BodyFloat levitates the rider over the thousands of vibrations that occur during a road ride thus protecting
a certain sensitive region of the body. The levitating also reduces the fatigue to the body letting you ride
longer and stronger. Efficiency….? Yes, efficiency! Our test riders tell us they are able to "smooth out
their pedal stroke" with in a few rides on the BodyFloat. The ability to drop your hips slightly the rider is in
a better position to pedal naturally and not stuck in a static position. We guarantee that you'll be faster (our
lawyers said we can't say that)…so we re-phrase it that you definitely, maybe will be faster!


We love commuters (we love ourselves)! Commuters are part of the solution and we are proud to be part
of it. BodyFloat makes the commute more comfortable. Generally a commuter lacks a bike short with a
chamois and the urban jungle is full of manhole covers, storm water grates, cracks, road turtles, speed
bumps and potholes. Save your ass, your taint and your junk ride a BodyFloat!


Power to the people, power to the pedals! While your competitor is wasting energy in absorbing the terrain
you are powering through and letting the BodyFloat do its work. BodyFloat instantly allows you to apply
more power plus reduces the fatigue so you have that extra gear at the end of races. Let BodyFloat help
you crush your buddies!


A more upright position puts more forces on the seat. Our co-founder, BodyFloat inventor, genius and all
around great guy Paul Barkley doesn't even have to give us a physics lesson on this we get it, you get …
now get on it! BodyFloat levitates you over the vibrations. No "Theory of Relativity" needed here BodyFloat
= Comfort.


Until know, most rear suspensions have been aimed at the low frequency vibrations. Enter BodyFloat
which can handle the high frequency vibrations that rob us of power and efficiency. The BodyFloat won't
help you with the big drops but it will levitate you over the leg sapping high frequency bumps and keep you
connected to the terrain. You have a rear suspension, the smooth ride of a triple suspension is something
to experience!